Grandma In Nursing Home Starts Adorable Little Sexual Relationship

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PHOENIX—Saying it was nice to know their grandmother had found a companion to spend time with, the family of Desert Spring Assisted Living Home resident Barbara McGann reported Wednesday that the 78-year-old had begun an adorable little sexual relationship with another of the facility’s residents. “It’s so cute the way she and Harold get lunch together every day—I’m glad Nana’s made a friend,” said McGann’s daughter Jane Siebers, referring to the man who has been repeatedly fulfilling her elderly mother’s sexual needs for the past several months. “When she first got there, you could tell she was definitely lonely. But now, she’s always talking about all the fun she and Harold are having at the holiday party, the movie showings, and the other social events they put on there. It’s great she’s found someone to [provide her with frequent sexual pleasure and consistently bring her to climax].” Siebers added that during her most recent visit, her mother appeared the most alert and energetic she’d seen her since her late husband was around to fuck her on the regular.