Grandma Wants To Know If You’re Still Drawing

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‘You Were So Good!’

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PRESCOTT, AZ—Saying that it’s been ages since you made her one of your special pictures with your art set, Grandma, 86, inquired Monday as to whether or not you are still drawing. “Remember the pictures of my house you drew for me when you were only in second grade? I still have them. You were so good!” said Grandma, who went on to note that you had a real knack for making drawings like the one you did of your dog, Sandy or Sally or Andy, nearly 20 years ago, but expressing disappointment at your lack of creative output since then. “Your parents spent all that money on art supplies when you were growing up, but I haven’t seen anything you’ve made in so long. If you ever do any watercolors or other paintings, I’d love to see them.” At press time, Grandma then fixed you a grilled American cheese sandwich, cut diagonally into fancy triangles, just how you like it.