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Group Of Friends Chanting ‘Shots’ Make Compelling Point

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RENO, NV—Citing the undeniable cogency of their thesis, local bar attendee Vince Deremo told reporters Friday that his group of friends currently chanting “shots!” in unison do, indeed, make a compelling point. “Had they yelled ‘shots’ a single time—or fewer than 10 times—I would likely be left only somewhat convinced, but the fact that they emphasize this point repeatedly and at length certainly gives their argument more weight,” said Deremo, noting that his colleagues’ rhetoric was further supported when they began punctuating each vocalization of ‘shots’ with an accompanying clap. “And as their chanting grows progressively faster and louder, I find myself further drawn into their line of reasoning, to the point where I can see no flaw in the proposal as they’ve presented it. I concur wholeheartedly with this conclusion: Shots! I’m buying!” Deremo added that he was satisfied with the results achieved by the group, and looked forward to discussing more ideas with them in the future.


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