Illustration for article titled Guard Gives Death Row Inmate Every Chance To End Life Before They Try New Execution Drug On Him

CHILLICOTHE, OH—Noting that the effects of the untested chemical combination remain unknown, Chillicothe Correctional Institution guard Matt Bozarth told reporters Monday he is giving an inmate on death row every chance to end his life before the facility tries out new execution drugs on him. “It’ll still be a few weeks before the state gets ahold of enough drugs for this new cocktail, so until then, I thought it would be nice to give him every opportunity he needs to get the job done himself,” said Bozarth, adding that he has made sure to repeatedly linger at the far end of the corridor during his nightly rounds. “I keep reminding him of the execution date just to give him a heads-up, and I slid an extra set of sheets into his cell. Hopefully he took the hint.” Bozarth added that he was also turning a blind eye to contraband to give the inmate a far better shot at successfully completing the task on his own.


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