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ARLINGTON, TX—Claiming that putting the rifle through its paces was the best way to determine if the military-grade semiautomatic model was the right firearm for them, Black Hill Firearms salesman John Boland invited a customer to take an AR-15 he was eyeing for a spin around the neighborhood. “Just take it out for, say, 45 minutes, maybe an hour, and fire off a few rounds to see how it handles—if you don’t like it, come right back and we’ll be more than happy to let you try out another one,” said Boland, noting that if the synagogue across the street wasn’t their sort of thing, there was a Mexican-majority elementary school just down the block they could get to in just a few minutes. “I have one of these, and I personally love the looks I get from people when they see me with it. This particular one is pre-owned; a little old lady used to have it and would only take it to the store once a week, so it’s still in great condition. I promise that once you feel the power and the way it just makes you feel like the king of the world, you’re going to fall in love with this beauty.” Reports from first responders at the scene indicate that the AR-15 performed exceptionally well.


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