Guy On Bus Really Good At Whatever Phone Game That Is

Illustration for article titled Guy On Bus Really Good At Whatever Phone Game That Is

Gamers, get ready because we have the performance of a lifetime to show you! This guy riding on a bus is absolutely crushing it at whatever phone game he’s playing.


The roughly 30-year-old man has achieved total-gaming-legend status as he swipes his fingers with mind-boggling skill over the screen, completely annihilating at what appears to be some sort of puzzle game based around taking different sushi ingredients and grouping them together based on patterns. In fact, this video game god is operating at such an epic skill level that he doesn’t even hesitate when the bus hits a pothole or after getting jostled by a woman pushing past him for the exit.

While other passengers are reading books or texting friends after a long day at work, this bus-riding titan is seemingly racking up hundreds of thousands of sashimi points or whatever they happen to be called in this game. And while we don’t know how the levels work or whether he is trying to build sushi rolls or eat them or whatever, it’s clear that this beast is slicing the rolls at a truly furious pace!

Whoa! The screen just went all crazy and all the sushi vanished in a burst of light, but this guy isn’t even breaking a sweat. He’s clearly in a challenge stage or bonus round or something. Goddamn, this is truly a feat to be remembered!

Well, it looks like the guy just quickly exited out of the sushi game and got off the bus, but gamers should definitely stay on the lookout for this all-time champion the next time they take the 87 Westbound!