ROCHESTER, MN—In an effort to promote optimal women’s health, gynecologists at the Mayo Clinic recommended Thursday taking time off between IUDs to allow the body to expel backlogged periods. “We advise that before inserting a new Mirena or Liletta, a woman should give her body a break to flush out the months upon months of blood and mucosal tissue that have been steadily building up inside her,” said Dr. Nancy Windus, noting that after the removal of the old intrauterine device, a woman’s body naturally begins to slough off the roughly five dozen uterine linings festering within her. “Allowing all that stagnant blood to release is essential to gynecological health and gives the uterus a chance to recover from the approximately 60 menstruations it’s been waiting to discharge. Furthermore, it’s always better to begin a new birth control regimen with a fresh, unclogged endometrium.” Gynecologists also confirmed that while IUDs are highly effective, in rare circumstances, it is possible for all five years worth of accumulated eggs to become fertilized.