Hallmark Apologizes For Role In Supplying Third Reich With Greeting Cards

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KANSAS CITY, MO—Proclaiming their deep and sincere regret for any role their extensive line of greeting cards may have played in one of the darkest chapters of history, event-commemoration giant Hallmark apologized Friday for supplying Hitler’s infamous Third Reich with greeting cards from 1938 to mid-1945. “We deeply regret our actions in not only designing and printing but also distributing millions of Hallmark-brand greeting cards to political officials, military leaders, and Wehrmacht soldiers across Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe,” said Hallmark CEO Donald J. Hall Jr. in a statement on the company’s website which publicly acknowledged the mass production of “Get Well Soon,” “Congratulations On The Great Victory,” and “Birthday Of The Führer” cards for use across Hitler’s regime. “While we cannot erase the fact that our products helped Nazis celebrate their most special occasions, we hope to make reparations through our present actions. To those who suffered at the hands of the Gestapo while their stormtroopers were heartened and uplifted by Hallmark-brand “Keep Up The Good Work” cards: We sincerely hope you—and the world—can forgive us.” Hallmark also announced that the company would be sending all Holocaust survivors the condolence cards they deserve and sadly, never received.


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