Illustration for article titled Harvey Weinstein Laments Being Treated Like He Didn’t Put Whole #MeToo Movement On The Map

NEW YORK—Appearing distraught over what he described as a lack of appreciation for his many contributions, disgraced film producer Harvey Weinstein lamented to reporters Monday that no one seemed to respect everything he did to put the whole #MeToo movement on the map. “Think about it—they’d be absolutely nowhere if it weren’t for me,” said the former studio executive and alleged rapist, adding that everyone liked to forget he also inspired Time’s Up and played a role in workplaces all over the country adopting new measures to help ensure women are treated with respect. “If it weren’t for all the effort I put in over the many decades of my career, our culture might not even be having this long-overdue conversation right now. But have I gotten a single thank-you? Nope. It’s not fair! Seriously, who else has come even close to having the level of influence I’ve had on #MeToo?” Weinstein went on to tell reporters that they’d better not mention Les Moonves, whom he described as a “hack” who lacked the simple foresight required to cover his tracks by hiring elite, highly trained ex-spies to intimidate his victims.

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