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SEATTLE—Behind a cobweb-covered red velvet curtain that opened to reveal a secret chamber where frightful delights were lurking, premium guests of the Nightmare Asylum haunted house were allowed access to a VIP section Tuesday where they were allowed to touch the performers. “Welcome, high rollers, to an exclusive spooking with the cream of the creepy crop of gropable ghouls and ghosts,” said a tuxedo-clad Frankenstein’s monster, who ushered the guests into a chamber where high-end vampires and werewolves were freely wrestling with VIP members. “Get comfortable in an electric chair and fend off our zealous zombies as you sip on sparkling cider. Or, for an additional freaky fee, take one of our creatures into the Champagne Crypt and experience the hands-on, hair-raising horror of a lifetime.” Organizers caution attendees that they will be swiftly escorted out of the VIP section if they attempt to pay Dracula to suck their blood.


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