SEDALIA, MO—Condemning the processed poultry giant’s blatant disregard for well-established food safety practices, inspectors from the office of the Pettis County Health Board rated Tyson’s Sedalia Center processing plant this week at a borderline ‘D’ upon discovering vast amounts of raw chicken contaminating nearly every working surface. “I can’t imagine what led these poultry processors to think that a factory full of recently slaughtered chickens constituted a safe food-service environment,” said health inspector Casey Franklin, noting that the plant’s annual inspection revealed chicken carcasses on moving conveyor belts, gobbets of chicken flesh tumbling down chutes, and chicken limbs being sealed inside supposedly food-safe packaging. “In no case was any of this chicken properly cooked. It’s shocking to think Tyson was going to ship that out to supermarkets across the country.” Franklin added that if her team found more raw chicken upon their follow-up inspection next week, Tyson would have to be shut down.


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