Health Experts Urge Parents To Dramatically Reduce Childrens’ On-Screen Time

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STANFORD, CA—Warning that the bright lights and flashy sets could have lasting effects on early brain development, health experts at Stanford University published a report Friday urging parents to dramatically reduce their children’s on-screen time. “Simply put, there is nothing worse for your child than allowing them to sit in front of a camera all day and record hour after hour of their YouTube series or Twitch stream,” said professor of psychology Brian McCollum, adding that while on-screen time should really be capped at 60 minutes per day, many 3- to 10-year-olds actually spend the majority of their afternoons and weekends at home, mindlessly churning out content from their living room couches. “We understand that after a long day at work, parents might want to just relax and let their kids entertain their thousands of subscribers, but this behavior can often be harmful. Staring right into the lens of a camera can hurt vision and self-esteem, plus it’s hard for a developing brain to handle that kind of stimulation.” McCollum concluded the report by suggesting some helpful parental control apps that would allow them to dictate how much time their children can spend editing videos.


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