Heineken Apologizes For Racist Ad With New Special-Release ‘Blacks Only’ Beer

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WHITE PLAINS, NY—Acknowledging the insensitivity of its recent “Lighter Is Better” TV campaign and promising to do better in the future, beer manufacturer Heineken apologized for airing a racist ad Thursday by launching a limited-release “Blacks Only” beer. “We at Heineken want to reach out and apologize to our African-American customers by introducing a special-edition line of ‘Blacks Only’ low-calorie lagers,” said Heineken spokesperson Cara Jarvis, who divulged that the new beer will be available at clearly labeled “Blacks Only” taps and store displays conveniently placed separately from, but priced equally to, its other available beers. “It was never our intent to imply African Americans aren’t welcome to enjoy our products, and we intend to rectify this misstep by hosting launch events exclusively for our black customers in special seating areas in the backs of bars across the country.” Heineken’s racial blunder is considered the most egregious by the brewer since its infamous “Hey, America, Let’s Bring Back Slavery!” campaign, which ran from 1974-1977.

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