Hertz Introduces Short-Term Rental For Just Driving Around To Clear Head

PARK RIDGE, NJ—Hoping to win the business of those who just need to get out of the house for a while and clear their heads, the Hertz Corporation unveiled a new service Monday that allows customers to rent a car for as briefly as five minutes. “Whether you just blew the big job interview or wasted an entire weekend with your in-laws, take however long you need to get your shit together,” said spokesman Dale Rodriguez, describing the service for people who don’t want to pay for a full day’s rental but do want to roll down the windows, feel the wind blowing through their hair, and pound on the steering wheel to the beat of Boston’s “More Than A Feeling.” “It’s so easy you don’t even have to worry about parking: Once you’ve gotten some perspective on the situation, just get out and walk away.” Hertz acknowledged renters would be charged an additional fee for silently crying in the parked car passed the allotted rental time.


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