High School Seniors Vote For Communism-Themed Prom

Teenagers at a high school in New Mexico have voted to make the theme of their prom communism and name the event “Prom-munism,” prompting the head of the school to plan a talk with the students about what communism really means so they can decide whether they want to celebrate it. What do you think?

“Sure, a communism prom theme sounds good in theory, but it’s terrible in practice.”

Gerald Adams • Tile Setter


“Before we rush to judgment, when they say ‘communism,’ do they mean classic Marxism or the blend of authoritarianism and market economics pioneered by Deng Xiaoping?"

Lynn Gildersleeve • Weather Observer

“Everyone knows prom is supposed to highlight class differences based on who can afford a limo.”

Alex Wendler • Padlock Attacher