Highlights From NFL Training Camp

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With preseason games underway and preparations intensifying across the league, the NFL has had no shortage of stories to keep fans occupied before the new season kicks off. Onion Sports breaks down the biggest moments from this summer’s training camp.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick trims beard for first time in six months after being named Jets starting quarterback
  • Robert Griffin III practices in red “no contact” full-body cast
  • Bears players reluctantly eat dinner at Olive Garden in Bourbonnais, IL for 14th time this month
  • After eventful offseason celebrating Super Bowl XLIX win, Rob Gronkowski struggles to get down to his playing BAC
  • Buccaneers security team frantically speeds down highway in order to keep up with Jameis Winston’s car
  • A United States federal judge deliberates case about footballs
  • Greg Hardy fined after showing up late to Cowboys’ mandatory team parole check-in
  • All remaining players on 49ers defense diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer and given three weeks to live
  • 19th different NFL GM secretly arrives at Ray Rice’s doorstep under cover of darkness