Highlights From The First Half Of The MLB Season

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Onion Sports looks back at the finest moments from the first three months of the 2017 Major League Baseball season.

Angels star Mike Trout continues his pace to be one of the greatest baseball players of all time, leading fans everywhere from East Anaheim to West Anaheim to take notice


Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper offends the game’s traditionalists by trotting instead of running during mound charge

With a barrage of home runs, the Yankees’ Aaron Judge disproves the conventional wisdom that extremely large, incredibly strong people cannot succeed in sports


The Astros find success behind a core group of young players and excellent pitching, a feat they’ll have to keep up for another three whole months just to make the playoffs

MLB admits Statcast software has been calculating batting averages incorrectly the entire season


Mariners outfielder Ben Gamel plays with a youthful enthusiasm for the game that will certainly earn him a fastball to the head before season’s end

Miami’s Edinson Vólquez throws a no-hitter in front of nearly 300 Marlins fans

Some asshole in the stands catches two foul balls in the same game

Commissioner Rob Manfred adds more intrigue to the All-Star Game by announcing that the winning team will choose the World Series participants


Announcers broadcast a record-high 342 games in “perfect baseball weather”