Highlights Of President Trump’s Trip To The U.K.

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President Donald Trump traveled to the United Kingdom this week for a three-day official trip that caused no small share of controversy. The Onion looks at the highlights of the president’s U.K. trip.


Reads Brontë while taking a wistful hike through the moors.

Criticizes British government for weak mismanagement of American colonies.

Motorcade spends hours aimlessly driving around streets of London after becoming lost in fog.

Congratulates developer whose building became 163rd-tallest in London after Grenfell Tower burned down.

Startled by motionless presence of Melania seven times.

Protesters successfully convince Trump to peacefully step down from position as president of the United States.


Marvels at royal family’s lavish collection of tax-funded golden chandeliers.

Enjoys roast chicken and jousting action at Medieval Times: London.

Reaffirms pact between nations to mutually support each other’s collapse.