Highlights Of The 2020 Republican National Convention

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The 2020 Republican National Convention concluded Thursday evening after four days of video speeches and in-person events with President Donald Trump’s renomination. The Onion looks at the most significant moments from the 2020 Republican National Convention.


Finally able to put a face to the name of this Trump guy who signed our stimulus checks.

Some occasional liberties with the facts, sure.

The largest public display of dental veneers in American history.

Impassioned speeches of support for Trump from some of his top dependents.

D.C.–based fence manufacturers making an absolute killing fortifying the White House perimeter.

At last had a chance to hear what leaders of the Republican Party think about leaders of the Democratic Party.


Trump expertly disguising fear-mongering as nothing more than race-baiting.

Disturbing lack of blinking across the board.

Mark and Patricia McCloskey condemning protests for disrupting lives of violent suburban residents.


Four nights dedicated to all Americans who are furious about the state of our nation and will fight like hell to keep it from improving.