Highlights Of The Massive Antitrust Lawsuit Against Facebook

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On Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission and 48 state attorneys general filed a massive antitrust lawsuit against Facebook. The Onion looks at some allegations, demands, and other highlights from the lawsuit.

  • Argues all social media companies deserve fair and equal shot at dismantling democracy.
  • Floats requiring Facebook to notify state officials of any future acquisitions over $10 million so they have enough time to buy stock.
  • Invitation to like official “48 U.S. Attorneys General Suing Facebook” page.
  • Admonishes Mark Zuckerberg for repeatedly interrupting hearing with bids to purchase the FTC.
  • Promises to drop lawsuit immediately if Facebook just turns Instagram’s algorithm back to showing photos chronologically
  • Notes Facebook’s lead counsel is credited with co-writing the Patriot Act, in case you’re wondering who to root for.
  • Condemns Facebook’s monopolistic behavior like buying Instagram with FTC approval.
  • Alleges harm to thousands of developers who didn’t have fighting chance of starting own unaccountable panopticons.
  • Acknowledgment that this lawsuit about six years too late.