Highlights Of ‘Tiger King’

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Tiger King, a true-crime documentary series, has taken the nation by storm. The Onion looks at the most thrilling and talked-about moments from the series.

Quirky, entertaining animal abuse.

Carole Baskin successfully removes herself from a toxic relationship.

Rampant product placement that led to surge in popularity of Walmart dumpster meat.


Episode 4: Joe Exotic gets more than he bargained for when he attempts to go on dates with two different tigers at the same restaurant.

17 gorgeous sequined shirts now collecting dust in a box somewhere.

That crazy moment when that person acted unreasonably!

Exclusive music video about baby tiger cremation included as fun little Easter egg (Netflix UK only).


Tigers only cost $2,000 this whole time?!

Wacky personalities and zany goofball antics combine for a never-before-seen mix of raunchy hijinks, gross-out gags, and tiger-infused hilarity.