Hillary Clinton Suspended 3 Weeks By FEC For Spitting On Volunteer

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BROOKLYN, NY—Hoping to send a message that this type of behavior would not be tolerated on the campaign trail, the Federal Election Commission announced Thursday that it had suspended Hillary Clinton for three weeks for spitting on one of her campaign volunteers. “We are extremely disappointed in Ms. Clinton’s decision to spit directly in the face of an unpaid volunteer who misplaced her daily itinerary, and we have determined that she is to be prohibited from engaging in any campaign-related activities from July 14 to August 4, 2015,” said FEC chair Ann M. Ravel, adding that the presidential hopeful would not be allowed to enter her headquarters or any other Hillary For America facilities as part of her punishment. “During her suspension, Ms. Clinton may not have any form of contact with members of her team, and she will also be expected to pay a $15,000 fine to the Commission. We hope that she uses this time to consider how her actions reflect on the electoral system, as well as the expectations that come with the privilege of running in this race.” Ravel added that their ruling took into consideration Clinton’s history of campaign misconduct, including an incident in 2008 when she was ejected from a Democratic primary debate after headbutting moderator Charles Gibson.