Hopes For 2006

What are your biggest hopes for 2006?

"A pair of novelty 2006 spectacles. At first, anyway."

Nick Del Mar • Waiter


"I just want to stay on that bull for eight seconds. Eight goddamn seconds. Is that too much to ask?"

Jim Sclavanous • Package Delivery Man

"Settle down, man. We're not even sure if Congress is going to approve funding for 2006 yet."

Nicholas Knox • Chemist

"I hope they come out with a third, better Hilton sister."

Miriam Bateman • Tax Preparer

"I just want to spend quality time watching my baby grow up. Of course, I guess I'd have to impregnate some sort of woman first.

William Linna • Career Counselor

"Next year? But…but I only just finished this one! When may I finally rest?"

Kate Alexander • Produce Manager