Hospital Infections

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According to a Pennsylvania study released last week, nearly 12,000 people contracted infections during hospital stays last year. What do you think?

"Perhaps this problem would be solved if hospitals used a strong-smelling antiseptic and painted everything white."

Dustin Kelly • Art Teacher

"This is why I remained conscious during my hip-replacement surgery and insisted that rubber gloves were worn at all times."

Marshall Chitwood • Statistical Clerk


"Infections too, now? I thought it was bad enough when they put me in a room full of sick people, stuck me with needles, and took away my pants."

Anne Kohl • Winemaker

"A closed-off building filled with contagious people? Whose idea were hospitals, anyway?"

Tom Rosen • Secretary


"See, this is exactly the sort of thing that pisses off House, M.D. each week."

Heather Ramirez • Insurance Underwriter

"That explains why my triple-bypass surgery was done outdoors."

Douglas Hurd • Systems Analyst