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Hotshot Peasant Has Window

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HOBSCROSS, BRITANNIA—Taking exception with the flashy, non-accidental opening in the Western wall of the thatched hut, the serf community expressed disapproval Monday after discovering that Ernault Bauldry, a hotshot peasant and laborer in Hobscross fields, has a window. “Well, la-di-dah, look who’s putting on airs with letting the sun and the wind into his hovel. ‘Ooooh, I can see the midden from my hearth, me, on account of the window,’” said Auld Gonnar, 32, an aging swineherd of some local repute who is considering a second daubing of mud for his own hut’s leeward wall provided enough of his piglets live to autumn. “Well, congratulations, Ernault, just because you earn an extra penny or three each sixmonth, you’ve gone and let in all manner of demons and spirits of the air. Next, it’ll be fresh reeds in the thatch every St. Cumberthsday and a gaudy door that closes, you may depend on it, and bad cess to him, I say.” Ernault was not available for comment, having died that morning of an infected splinter received while cutting the window.


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