Hottest Items Of The 2016 Holiday Shopping Season

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Need some holiday shopping inspiration? Here are the top-selling gifts in 2016.

Starbucks Gift Card

A perennial bestseller among obligated coworkers

Amazon Echo

For the tech-minded homeowner looking to surrender control of their televisions, music playlists, email accounts, and credit card information to an omniscient black tube


Set Of Assorted ‘Blues Brothers’ Shot Glasses

Perfectly combines brother-in-law’s two discernible interests

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm

Affordable and reliable with low recoil, this model is a popular stocking stuffer for parents and kids alike

8-oz. Ribeye Steaks

Due to a computer system error at the Safeway on Franklin Avenue, these are on sale for half price through the end of the year

Tsum Tsums

Look, they’re small fuzzy animals. You can’t fuck this up.

Membership To Milwaukee County Zoo

If someone on your list lives in Milwaukee County and wants to see some kangaroos, this is definitely the only place they can do it


The Wrong One

Millions of parents are expected to surprise children with The Wrong One on Christmas morning