House Censures Ocasio-Cortez For Using Sexist Slur On Floor Of Congress

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WASHINGTON—With its vote to adopt a resolution denouncing the freshman’s congresswoman behavior, the House of Representatives formally censured Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Friday for employing the sexist slur “fucking bitch” in a speech on the House floor the day prior. “The representative from New York’s 14th District is hereby condemned for her unapologetic enunciation of these hateful, abusive words, which not only brought disgrace to this esteemed body but were incredibly demeaning to all womankind,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said as he read aloud the official rebuke, adding that as a woman herself, Ocasio-Cortez should have known better than to speak aloud the unconscionable term, let alone read it into the Congressional Record. “Her appalling speech of July 23 does not reflect the values of the United States Congress, nor does it reflect the example we wish to set for our children—especially our daughters. While this body will not ask what prompted her to adopt such unprofessional language, it will require the representative to issue an immediate apology to her colleagues or face further disciplinary action for her misconduct.” In his own words, McCarthy went on to observe that it was too soon to tell just how far back Ocasio-Cortez had set “young ladies” in Congress with her “hysterical” outburst.