With sales of the Apple Watch reportedly down 90 percent since its initial release, Apple is suffering in the wearables market and faces a lack of enthusiasm about its latest product. Here are some ways Apple can improve the watch and prevent the company from falling into a slump:

  • Renew enthusiasm and anticipation for watch by allowing consumers to pre-order device from website again
  • Destigmatize the cost of Apple Watch by introducing a line of assorted cables, phone cases, and other items at the $10,000-and-above level
  • Aim for a demographic with larger emotional voids that can be filled with technology products
  • Recast public perception of Apple Watch as $349 investment in the future of Shenzhen
  • Eschew image of decadence and self-indulgence by releasing all models with tawdry burlap wristbands
  • Find some way to leverage position as world’s largest, most successful corporation, if possible
  • Invest millions in R&D and organize hundreds of focus groups, then release one in red
  • Generally avoid reinventing those products you previously promised to render obsolete