How Coastal Cities Are Preparing For Climate Change

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With experts predicting that the effects of global warming could be catastrophic in the next 50 years, here are some ways that coastal cities are addressing the challenges of rising sea levels:

  • Bar Harbor, ME: Officials urging residents to stockpile vintage charm in case of emergency
  • Manhattan, NY: Initiating 10-year plan to replace inhabited residences with vacant Emirati-owned condo developments
  • Nashville, TN: Making a concerted effort to keep their perimeter 435 miles from the nearest ocean
  • Boston, MA: Residents have opened all of their doors and windows and issued an open challenge to the forces of nature to come at them
  • Seattle, WA: Space Needle jacked up 200 feet higher
  • Baltimore, MD: Restoring natural shoreline buffers like wetlands and shuttered factories
  • Washington, D.C.: Thorough Scotchgarding of the Bill of Rights
  • Atlantic City, NJ: Developers working around the clock to build something that would be worth saving from a flood
  • San Francisco, CA: Dutifully pricing entire population out of any homes within 50 miles of coastline
  • Galveston, TX: All set to rebuild coastal levees with government funding the moment Congress gets around to admitting climate change is real

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