How Corporations Avoid Paying Taxes

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With Monday marking the income tax filing deadline in the U.S., there has been renewed interest in how some of the nation’s top corporations manage to pay just a small fraction of their earnings in taxes, sometimes owing nothing at all to the government. Here are some leading corporations’ tricks for minimizing their tax bills:

  • McDonald’s: Over 500 locations in major metropolitan areas classified as churches
  • Fisher-Price: Only employing war veterans
  • ExxonMobil: Investing in green technology by the hundreds of dollars
  • Nabisco: Claimed this year’s batch of Wheat Thins didn’t turn out well and lost the company millions, even though everyone knows this year’s batch was excellent
  • Hostess Brands: Chapter 11 bankruptcy
  • Kraft Foods: Underreporting net profits by claiming cost of producing each slice of cheese is $600,000
  • NBC: Consistently making and airing terrible programming that hasn’t earned company a single dollar in profit since 2003
  • The Boeing Company: Using 1040EZ form

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