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How Dating Sites Match Their Users

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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With millions of people opting to use online dating sites to meet new potential romantic partners, many are wondering how computer algorithms can enhance their chances of finding “the one.” Here are the steps that dating sites take to match compatible users:

  • Step 1: 46,000,000 users specify they are looking for someone fun
  • Step 2: Entire headquarters erupts in laughter
  • Step 3: Any personal bio that claims the user enjoys going out, but sometimes likes just staying in too, is deemed irreparably inconsistent and thrown out
  • Step 4: Complex data-driven algorithm gets into the nitty-gritty of determining who’s hot enough for each other
  • Step 5: Site’s tech team reaches out to friends, family to see if they know anyone Kara might like
  • Step 6: If there is an odd number of users, one person is forced to receive the “No Available Soulmate” notification
  • Step 7: Excited but nervous site moderators anxiously brace for the unknown as Josh and Becca actually set up a time to meet for drinks
  • Step 8: Sixteen terabytes of data sold to Nestle’s Lean Cuisine marketing division
  • Step 9: Any couples matched through the service who go on to marry automatically receive a voucher for 15 percent off reactivation of their account