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How New Parents Can Stay Healthy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Having a baby changes everything, and the resulting lack of sleep and general stress can contribute to a decline in overall wellness. Here are some ways new parents can prevent bad habits and maintain good health:

  • Work exercise into your busy schedule by investing in a jog stroller, some mommy/baby yoga videos, or a Moby wrap to bring your child along as you swim laps.
  • Portion control is key, so eat several small servings of your placenta throughout the day rather than gobbling it all in one sitting.
  • Always stay hydrated, as time spent in the bathroom will be your only respite.
  • Convey your fitness goals to your newborn so he or she can hold you accountable.
  • To facilitate a better night’s rest, purchase a monitor so your child knows to be quiet when you are asleep.
  • Take a look at your chunky baby. Disgusting, right? You don’t want to end up like that.
  • Instead of high-calorie cakes with sugary frostings, celebrate your child’s milestones with a hearty handshake.
  • No one’s perfect. It’s all right to have a cheat day here and there as long as you commit to turning things around once your child heads off to college.