How Restaurants Are Making Children’s Meals Healthier

Illustration for article titled How Restaurants Are Making Children’s Meals Healthier

Due to high-profile exposure like the “Happy Meals bill,” which seeks to market less fattening meals to children, many restaurants across the country are trying to make their kids menus healthier and combat childhood obesity. Here are some ways they are tackling the issue:

  • McDonald’s: Happy Meal toys each glued to informative pamphlet on hypertension
  • Taco Bell: Parents must demonstrate full consent to their children’s meal choices by placing order directly with corporate lawyer
  • KFC: Instituting strict one-bucket-per-child limit
  • Dunkin’ Donuts: All Munchkins will now come served with a large Cobb salad
  • Pizza Hut: Strategically raising height of buffet
  • Chipotle: Burritos no longer allowed to weigh more than two-fifths of the weight of children who order them
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s: Arcade games retrofitted with elliptical machines
  • White Castle: My Size meals to come with small ipecac for dessert
  • Dairy Queen: All franchise locations shuttered