How Social Media Is Changing Our Lives

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As social media sites are increasingly being used for much more than connecting with friends, they are becoming an integral part of American life. Here’s how social media is changing our day-to-day lives.


Having to maintain dog’s Instagram presence can be stressful

Connection to people across the world promotes lively exchange of vitriol

Never miss a big milestone, like the first logo concepts for your cousin’s multi-level marking lifestyle water


Never been easier to destroy career at a moment’s notice

Always know what your third grade math teacher’s take is on the latest national tragedy


Far more opportunities for scrolling

Sets the record straight once and for all that you may attend the Tears For Fears concert in nine months


Can enjoy making stranger cry from the comfort of your own home

No longer have to visit more than three websites

Made millions of dollars and vastly improved well-being for those named Mark Zuckerberg


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