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How Supreme Court Justices Are Chosen

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Here is a step-by-step guide to how U.S. Supreme Court justices are selected:

  • Step 1: Supreme Court vacancy opens after a sitting justice dies, retires, or is promoted to the Galactic Circuit
  • Step 2: President wistfully crosses out own name from list of potential candidates
  • Step 3: Official presidential nominee slowly lowered by rope into Senate Judiciary Committee pit
  • Step 4: Nominee charged one-time $30 background check fee
  • Step 5: Candidate asked whether they see themselves in exact same place 35 years from now
  • Step 6: Judiciary Committee members ask nominee whether they capable of writing a dissent that could be described as “blistering”
  • Step 7: Candidate attests they have no opinion whatsoever on issue of abortion, don’t know what it is, and frankly have never heard such a word uttered before
  • Step 8: Senate takes nominee out to drinks to see how they act in casual, informal setting
  • Step 9: Nominee stands as their predecessor’s robe is draped over them to see if government can save a few bucks on not ordering a new one
  • Step 10: Following months of direct questioning, witness testimony, and poring over the nominee’s qualifications and judicial history, the Senate votes on whether they like the president or not
  • Step 11: If confirmed, justice takes oath of office and is assigned a bench buddy to help them through their first few opinions
  • Step 12: If candidate not confirmed, process repeats indefinitely until other party holds White House or country is awash in the hot, crimson blood of neighbor killing neighbor, whichever comes first