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With more people getting their news through social media and a crowded field of news outlets competing for web traffic, it can be difficult to know which sources to trust. Here are some tips for being a savvy news consumer.

Cross-reference facts with independent sources in the article’s comments section.


Reading the smaller words underneath the headline is a smart strategy to determine the veracity of an article.

Only trust stories that guarantee a blown mind.

Primary sources are more reliable than secondary sources, so ensure that the news you read is true by becoming investigative reporter yourself.


If you think the author might be biased, attack them on social media.

Seek out opposing viewpoints to help you understand just how fucking stupid they really are


If they’re on TV, they must be doing something right

As a general rule, be wary of any site that claims Hillary Clinton has personally assassinated more than five people


If several publications offer contradictory information, trust the source with the reddest font


Take anything on a .Gov site with a grain of salt


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