How To Combat Harassment Online

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Online harassment is an increasingly contentious issue, with social media sites like Twitter and Reddit pressured to crack down on users’ abusive behavior. Here are The Onion’s tips for combating harassment online:

To reduce your risk of harassment, avoid using any forums or websites visited by people you do not know.


Report any adverse incidents to site moderators, who are trained experts in explaining that there’s very little they can do.

Make an honest effort to reach outside your political “bubble” and really get to know the thoughts and beliefs of those threatening your family over Twitter.

File a detailed report with your local law enforcement backlog.

Buy up any potential domain names that others could use to make hateful websites about you, such as,,, and


If you are a woman, take the necessary steps to ensure no one in cyberspace is aware of that.


Remember that if you just keep your head down, never voice your opinion, and never react in any way to the opinions of those around you, there is a remote chance you’ll make it out of this era unscathed.