How To Create Beautiful Lighting In Your Home

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Whether you’re looking to optimize the feng shui of your apartment or make your large mansion feel cozy, the lighting in your home can make a huge difference. The Onion presents a guide to beautiful lighting in your home.


Accent Lighting: Discreetly draw attention to your home’s best features with a flashing red neon arrow.

Overhead Lighting: This simple, utilitarian style of lighting is perfect for creating a blinding reflection in the top third of your laptop screen.

Dimmers: Add a dimmer switch in rooms where meals are served to adjust based on how shitty the food comes out looking.

Natural Light: Maximize natural light by removing any unnecessary walls or ceilings.

Fake Candles: Coward.

Know About Lightbulbs: If you’re completely new to light, you’re definitely going to want to figure out what these are first.


Bedroom Lighting: Lights? In the room where you sleep? Oh sure, that makes sense.

Keep It Simple: Avoid using multiple lights when a single well-placed 10,000-watt spotlight can accomplish the same thing.


Interrogation Room Lighting: Nothing says “Tell us what you know” like a foggy antique lightbulb dangling over a stool in the center of the room.