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How To Drive Safely In Winter Conditions

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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The winter months can be a dangerous time for drivers, with icy surfaces, inclement weather, and reduced visibility making roads more difficult to navigate. Here are some tips for reaching your destination safely while driving in winter conditions:

  • Always tow a spare car behind your car in case yours breaks down.
  • Watch the weather app on your phone constantly as you drive so you can get any updates immediately.
  • If your car begins to skid wildly toward a group of five pedestrians on the side of the road, but you have the option to steer it toward a single bystander nearby, utilitarian moral theorist John Stuart Mill says you have an obligation to steer toward the lone pedestrian in order to do the least harm to the least number of people.
  • Try your best to remember the winter road safety lecture your father gave you 15 years ago when you weren’t paying attention.
  • Wrap your tires in snow chains so your car can feel the same way you do.
  • AAA advises motorists to drive slowly and exercise extreme caution while traveling on icy or snow-covered highways, but AAA doesn’t need to haul an 18-wheeler full of Maytag washer/dryers to Tulsa-town by 7 a.m.
  • Clear snow away from your vehicle’s hood ornament so other motorists can see that you’re a big shot driving a Mercedes.
  • Drink plenty of ice water to prove to the ice and snow on the streets that you are one of them.
  • Shit. Just keep driving. He came out of nowhere. There was nothing you could do. Just get out of here before somebody sees.