How U.S. Organizations Are Responding To The Coronavirus Outbreak

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As the coronavirus spreads through the United States, organizations from local businesses to multinational firms are figuring out how to cope with the effects of Covid-19’s spread on employees, consumers, and business partners. The Onion takes a look at how different organizations are responding to the coronavirus outbreak.


In-N-Out Burger: Adding immune-boosting essential oils to fry bins

Grubhub: Reminding drivers to wash all food before delivering it

NFL: Issuing virus a $50,000 fine

Motel 6: Flipping the mattress

Postmates: Customers can opt for non-contact deliveries to avoid attributing any humanity to delivery drivers

Zoom Video Conferencing: Watching the money roll in the door

Lyft: Slightly less horrible version of whatever Uber is doing

American Airlines: Preventing airborne spread of virus by regularly depressurizing planes mid-flight

Dave & Buster’s: Leaving it up to you if you think all this is worth the risk

All Your Favorite Brands: Considering the health and safety of both their valued employees and loyal customers to be their utmost priority