Humane Society Urges Americans To Opt For Shelter Turkey This Thanksgiving

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WASHINGTON—Stressing that the undertaking would provide an extremely rewarding experience for families during the holiday season, the Humane Society released a statement Wednesday urging Americans to opt for a shelter turkey this Thanksgiving. “Sure, some of our turkeys are a little rougher around the edges, but they also have the most heart. A lot of them have lived long, tough lives and are just looking for a good home,” said spokesperson Emily Sullivan, explaining that, while perhaps more aesthetically pleasing, many of the turkeys found in supermarkets are likely to have been cruelly bred in a factory farm or turkey mill with little regard for their wellbeing. “There are so many turkeys in our facilities who need a family, so why not adopt instead of paying top dollar for a ‘designer turkey’ you get through some shady online dealer. Hopefully this Thanksgiving, you can find room for one of these wonderful shelter birds in your nice, warm oven.” Sullivan added that they also offer the option of fostering a turkey until it finds a loving, hungry home. 


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