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Humanity’s Greatest Mysteries

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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  • Bigfoot: Despite studying the available footage for decades, experts cannot determine whether this solitary forest dweller was wearing a custom-made or store-bought gorilla suit
  • Shroud Of Turin: Many believe this linen cloth was the actual burial shroud of Jesus, a claim that the otherwise unremarkable Turin Cathedral certainly isn’t going to argue with
  • Bermuda Triangle: Science is stymied by this mysterious region in which conga lines move backwards aboard cruise ships
  • Donna’s Marinara Sauce: Nobody in the neighborhood has successfully pinpointed just what makes Donna’s recipe so much more flavorful than everyone else’s
  • Stonehenge: Why anyone would spend their career analyzing Stonehenge when they could be studying the Egyptian pyramids is a question that remains utterly unsolved

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