Illustration for article titled ‘Hurry, There’s A Violent Black Woman Attacking My Daughter,’ Says Cindy McCain To Police While Watching ‘The View’em/em

PHOENIX—Screaming in alarm the moment she turned on her television, Cindy McCain reportedly dialed 911 Thursday and informed police she had seen a violent black woman attacking her daughter on the daytime talk show The View. “Please help! There is a black woman yelling and gesturing at my daughter, and I don’t know what to do,” McCain told a police dispatcher, adding that the black woman appeared dangerous and was gripping a coffee mug that at any moment could be thrown at The View co-host Meghan McCain. “There’s a whole crowd of bystanders just watching and not doing anything, for chrissakes. This woman could be carrying a gun! Oh God, they just went to commercial break—who knows what’s happening now? You have to get over there.” At press time, sources confirmed McCain had called the police again to report that the black woman was now teaming up with a Latina woman and that she was certain at least one of them had to be involved in human trafficking.


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