I Mean, Sure, Who Gives A Shit?

By Barack Obama
I Mean, Sure, Who Gives A Shit?
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Should Joe Biden run in 2024? I mean, sure, whatever. Who fucking cares?

I know, I know. I’m supposed to say that my time with him in the White House was so blah-blah-blah and gave me such amazing insight into whatever-the-hell. Truly, though, I couldn’t give less of a shit about what Biden does. I don’t know why people would even think I’d have a strong opinion about this guy. I worked with him, like, six years ago.

You can ask me if Biden’s been an effective leader or if he still has another term left in him, but the reality of the situation is that from the moment I stepped out of the White House, I’ve had no fucking clue what’s been going on with any of those losers from my administration.

Is Joe’s vision out of step with many Americans? The fuck if I know. I haven’t been paying attention for years. And ask yourself: Why should I? Seriously, what could possibly compel me to sit down, turn on cable news, and waste an hour of my day watching anchors talk about a presidential election?

Truth be told, I haven’t thought about Biden for a single second of his presidency. I don’t think I’m even registered for the midterms.

Look, if Biden wants to run, fine, nobody’s stopping him. Doesn’t really affect me either way. I got my own shit going on. Remember that podcast I did with Springsteen? Sort of lost steam after the first few episodes, but I want to start focusing on that again.

Anyway, I’m already getting tired of talking about this. What else is going on? Did people end up liking House Of The Dragon? I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard mixed things. Decent special effects but maybe not the most interesting story? Michelle likes that high fantasy stuff more than me, but we need more things to watch together, so we might check it out.

Okay, that’s all I’ve got. Again, I don’t fucking care about this. Bye.

I Mean, Sure, Who Gives A Shit?
I Mean, Sure, Who Gives A Shit?