George Zimmerman

The past year and a half has been a very difficult time for me. It’s all been so upsetting and surreal, what with the night of the incident, my arrest, the resulting media feeding frenzy, and now, of course, my trial. At times it seems all anyone wants to talk about is what crime I may or may not have committed. Amidst it all, though, one thing has been nagging at me, and I hate to be the one to dig up old bones here, but I have to say, I honestly expected people to show a bit more sympathy and understanding about my broken nose.

C’mon. I broke my nose! Just a little acknowledgment would be nice. I mean, as a basic courtesy, it’s generally considered polite to go up to a person who broke a bone and at least ask if they’re okay. But I guess with all the fuss everyone’s making about the trial, my whole nose thing kind of got buried. Which sucks, I gotta say.


Have you ever had your nose broken before? It really hurts! When it happened, I felt the bone crack. Gross, right? There was a bunch of blood everywhere, too. Seriously, I have pictures of it; you should see how bad it was. My eyes swelled up and you can see this pretty nasty cut on the bridge of my nose. It’s all puffy and disgusting. Not a pleasant experience.

Yet out of the whole jury, the judge, and the prosecution, I don’t think a single person has approached me to say anything like “Hope your nose is feeling better, George,” or even just “Hey, bud, how’s the nose?” It’s like, couldn’t they have taken the two seconds to ask? It’s not hard.

It’s like, hello? My nose was broken!

I remember when a buddy of mine broke his leg skiing a few years back and he got like a billion get-well cards and gift baskets and stuff. Meanwhile, I break my nose and it’s treated like nothing. I didn’t get so much as an email from anyone saying, “Hey, George, I heard about your nose. That really sucks. Hope you feel better soon.” Nothing! People are just so rude, you know?


At some point it starts to seem so disrespectful. I mean, sure, the prosecution and I have our disagreements, but if one of those guys broke his arm or got sick, I can tell you I’d be the very first person to go over there and check in, make sure they are doing all right. They’re called manners, and apparently no one on the prosecution has heard of them.

A broken nose takes two months to heal, by the way. Two months.

To this day, I still think back on the night my nose was broken and, I have to say, it haunts me. It really haunts me. In my mind, I hear that little snapping sound of my nose breaking all over again. I can still remember looking in the mirror and seeing how swollen my nose was and thinking, “Shit, man, my nose is broken.” It was just an awful, awful thing that happened, you know? I don’t think I’ll forget it anytime soon. And yet, does anyone care? No. And that’s messed up, man. That is really messed up.


It still feels tender, too.

Anyway, if people want to send me their well-wishes about my nose, it’s definitely not too late. Get in touch with my legal team and I’m sure we can work something out. Just a little note or something to let me know you’re thinking about me and my nose. I’d really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.


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