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MILWAUKEE—Admitting that he’ll never get tired of looking in his rearview mirror and seeing their little legs going at full speed as they struggle to catch up to him, local ice cream truck driver Derek Kenney said that he once again planned on making the children on Maple Avenue sweat it out a little bit before stopping his vehicle. “Of course I’m going to park at the curb eventually, but there’s nothing quite like the look on their faces when I’ve got the music going full-blast and then just keep on driving right past them for a little bit,” said Kenney, adding that he always slows down when he approaches his young customers but then accelerates for about a hundred feet until the children’s initial expressions of excitement transition to exasperation and panic. “I have a pretty good idea of just how far I can push these little guys before having to stop and let them pick out their treats. To be honest, though, I could easily loop around the same block for an hour and not lose too many of them.” Kenney added that the joy he feels watching the exhausted children trail his vehicle “can’t hold a candle” to seeing the look of horror in their eyes the moment they realize they’re a quarter or two short of covering the cost of a fudge pop.

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