Illustration for article titled ICE Protests Brutal Conditions Of Being Forced To Stand Outside Homes Of Immigrants For Hours

PHOENIX—Demanding federal officials step up and improve their work environment, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents released a statement Tuesday, complaining of brutal conditions in which they are made to stand outside immigrant homes for prolonged stretches of time. “We’re on our feet for two, sometimes three hours, just waiting around in the summer heat—what kind of government condones suffering like this?” said ICE agent William Cox, who described how he has been inhumanely trapped in a car for entire workdays, staking out the homes of potentially undocumented people and being given nothing but water, sandwiches, chips, coffee, and occasional opportunities to walk around the block to stretch his legs. “This is a human rights violation, plain and simple. I never know where they’re sending me next—could be a church, a school, a courthouse—and I have no idea how long I’ll be stuck there. We have to lug around guns and Tasers, and at this point, my hand is sore just from banging on all these doors. To see people treated this way is a national disgrace.” Cox also protested that for all the long and punishing trips through immigrant neighborhoods he’s been forced to endure, he still hasn’t had the opportunity to shoot anybody.


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