I'll Have A Big Slice Of Humble Pie, Please!

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Oops. I got a little carried away there. Don't know how to remove posts or else I would. I'm sorry. It's just that I get so emotional about politics. What this election is really about is getting this country back on track. And both John McCain and Barack Obama understand that they need Iowa to win the White House and implement their respective visions for change. I know McCain's got a plan to cut the pay of CEOs from those bailed-out investment firms, for instance. Cutting those bloated salaries and fighting corporate greed is really the sort of thing that appeals to the hardworking people of Cedar Rapids!

Cedar Rapids residents like Tip-Top Diner owner Lauretta Kimble. I'm sure McCain's and Obama's platforms really appealed to her. And she's just a super lady to canvass, by the way, considering she's familiar with pretty much every cock in the fine city of Cedar Rapids. Great pick Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, going with Lauretta and the Tip-Top. Way to get your message out to the vital two-bit-fucking-whores-who-serve-Bisquick-pancakes-and-three-day-old-potato-soup voting bloc instead of the nice families who come to Davidson's to enjoy a hot meal with no frills.

You know what McCain and Obama? Fuck the both of you. Maybe Ralph Nader knows the right place to go for a nice loose-meat sandwich when he's in fucking Cedar Rapids. You both should fucking die.