I'm Glad I Don't Have A Brain Yet, Because I Hate Elitism

If there's one thing I am sick and tired of listening to as I sit here growing clusters of nerve cells that will eventually form ears, it's the elites . And the worst elite of them all is this Washington insider, career politician, and writer of too many books Joseph R. Biden. Just listen to him talk! Every single time he appears on TV, it's "analysis of the issues" this and "informed opinion" that. Blah blah blah! Even I make more sense than this asshole, and I don't have a fucking speech center yet!

Seriously, doesn't Mr. Biden and his kind know how sick of all their fancy "thinking" we are? I'd rather spend all day listening to the monotonous beating of my mother's heart than hear one more word from this jackass. After all, at least my mother's heart doesn't drone on about "the economic challenges facing our nation" all the damn time.

As a pre-born entity who has yet to develop any higher brain functions, I am uniquely in touch with what voters are looking for this election. They are looking for 3 things: heartfelt emotion, righteous rage, and good old-fashioned Joe Six-Pack-style values. … three things that an elitist like Joe Biden will simply never understand.

I'm sorry but that's the facts, elitists! And if you don't like it, as soon as I grow a digestive tract you can kiss my ass.

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