Illustration for article titled Impoverished Child In Third World Dreams About One Day Leaving Light On For No Reason

DHAKA, BANGLADESH—Calling the luxury an extravagance that he can’t begin to imagine, impoverished Bangladeshi child Sourav Munshi told reporters Wednesday that he dreams of one day being able to leave a light on for absolutely no reason at all. “Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to leave my home and forget to turn off a floor lamp, or even see that it’s still on and not even bother to do anything about it,” said the 8-year-old who lacks access to clean water, proper sanitation, and suitable shelter, confirming that he also often daydreams of exiting the living room for several hours without shutting off the television. “I really just wish that one day I could know what it’s like to have a computer and three or four other electronic devices that I leave plugged in overnight even if they’re fully charged. Imagine that.” Munshi also said that he has his heart set on buying an expensive small appliance or technological gadget that he’ll never use or even remove from its packaging before tossing it in his junk closet.

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